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Child-Safe Automatic Pool Filler & Water Leveling System

My Pool Filler has introduced an expanded range of automatic pool leveling devices for households concerned with child safety. The we specialize in pool fillers for in-ground and above-ground pools, as well as high-pressure, low-volume hoses.

By using the My Pool Filler brand of automatic water leveling devices, pool owners will be able to alleviate the costs associated with excessive water use while ensuring that the equipment remains safe around children. According to the company, many conventional fillers contain multiple loosely assembled parts, increasing the possibility of breakage. Additionally, any broken pieces that fall into the water may present hazards, especially when children attempt to dive into the water to retrieve them.

To simplify the installation process, we manufacture every product as a single unit that does not require any assembly.

Our newest in-ground automatic filler is compact and made with eco-friendly and corrosion-resistant materials. Unlike previous models, this 2024 edition features stainless steel adjustable rear legs and fittings that are safe to use in freshwater chemical pools and salt pools. It also contains lay-flat feet, allowing it to be positioned on pools with or without coping.

Because the auto-fill system keeps water at a preset level, it will prevent water waste from overflowing while also keeping the pool pump from burning out due to water loss. "It evens maintain adequate levels on leaking pools," 'My Pool Filler's' creator added.

As with all of our levelers, the latest products work with any garden hose and will continue operating in the pool owner’s absence, making it suitable for rentals or vacant homes.

We are just a couple of pool service experts with the goal of providing Americans with safe, reliable devices. The company’s products are manufactured locally and designed based on decades of experience in pool equipment installation and repair.

A satisfied customer said: “Our pool is older and does not have an auto-fill feature. Every time we went away, we had to hire someone to add water, especially during the hot summer months. This device is simple to install and does a great job. Now we can go on vacation with peace of mind. We highly recommend this product.”

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