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Eco-Friendly Automatic Pool Water Saver & Level Management System Announced

The new automatic pool filler is designed to be highly water-efficient. By only adding the exact amount of water required, it prevents overfilling pools and wasting water. The system ultimately helps pool owners conserve water, save on utility bills, and reduce their environmental impact.

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This pool auto-fill system is particularly timely in regions that face drought conditions, and communities aiming to increase water conservation efforts. With swimming pools requiring thousands of gallons of water annually, an accurate and efficient refill system provides a simple way for pool owners to meaningfully reduce their water usage.

Many pool-filling systems use inaccurate timers or float valves, which risk overfilling pools by hundreds of gallons per month. My Pool Filler's precise monitoring is designed to reduce this waste. The system also helps prevent pump equipment burnout by maintaining ideal water levels at all times.

The company explains that the system is easy to install, requiring only a garden hose connection to begin filling the pool to the optimum level. Once in place, the technology continually monitors the pool, ensuring water levels never get too low.

In addition to saving water, the company’s new pool-filling system has an eco-friendly design and production process. The exterior casing contains 3 pounds of recycled plastic, approximately 250 bottles.

The system is also highly durable. If any repairs are needed, components can be fixed rather than replacing the whole unit.

About My Pool Filler

The company was founded by former pool service professionals looking to create a better automatic water level management system. The company offers in-ground and above-ground pool water level control products, with the goal of making pool ownership easy and hassle-free.

A company spokesperson said: "After installing too many flimsy automatic pool fillers over the years, we knew there had to be a better solution. After many iterations, we're happy to launch this heavy-duty, eco-friendly system made right here in America. The peace of mind it provides is priceless for busy pool owners."

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